A Message to Merlin Mann

by Rob McBroom

On December 21st, I

  • Wrote a new version of the Cyberduck plug-in for Quicksilver from scratch
  • Worked on some documentation for users
  • Worked on some documentation for developers
  • Started debugging Quicksilver in Xcode in the hopes of tracking down an issue that keeps many of us from using the latest version (I have very little experience with such things and will probably get nowhere, but it's important to me, so I try.)

While I was doing that, you were apparently writing a post about the end of Quicksilver.

Thanks for your help.

Yeah, I know. That's shitty. Truth is, you've done a lot for Quicksilver and its users and you never owed us a thing to begin with. It's just that given the choice between helping to keep something you love alive, and very publicly declaring it dead, I'm not sure why you'd choose the latter.

Maybe you feel powerless. You're not, and I'm sure many would welcome your continued involvement. There's a users' group that could benefit from your experince. There's a place to report problems. There's a place to document what you know. And finally, I'm sure you know many more Cocoa developers than the average person. If you haven't already, annoy the piss out of them with your pleas for help!

Take care.

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