About This Site

I put this virtual host up years ago as a place to post technical tips and tricks as I ran across them, and to host experimental stuff.

I never really decided what to do for posting content. I figured I would just write something from scratch when I had time, because I didn't know of any existing tools that fit with my fairly simple needs:

  1. I want to write posts in Markdown.
  2. I don't want to deal with a database. The filesystem is just fine, thank you. Files are easier to back up, easier to edit, etc.
  3. I have a nice editor. I'd like to use it, and not a textarea in a web browser. (This goes along with the previous item, I suppose.)

It seems I'm not alone, because I recently happened across Mango which was designed with exactly those criteria in mind. Good thing, because that "write it from scratch" shit was clearly never going to happen. (I'm sure I'll spend just as much time customizing Mango now as I would have writing something, but whatever.)

I can't guess what I'll end up talking about, but here are some likely topics:

  • Quicksilver (the most important tool in my everyday life)
  • TextMate
  • Markdown
  • Web Stuff (PHP, Zend Framework, CSS, HTML, etc.)
  • System Administration (my day job)
  • LDAP
  • Python

You can see some of the stuff I'm working on over at GitHub.

I also hope this will be the only post about posting. I'm not dumb enough to make promises about how much I'll be adding or how often. I won't say things like "Sorry I've been away so long. I plan to get back to it from now on." No one ever follows through on stuff like that. There may be three items some days, and other times, there may be a year between posts. I'm OK with that, as you would know if you've followed my political ramblings.

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