Opening Pages in Google Chrome

All the cool kids are removing Flash from their desktop systems. For those situations where you need it (maybe twice a week for me), you can just use Chrome, which has a copy of the Flash plug-in built in.

As a Quicksilver addict, I had been using the "Current Web Page" proxy object to quickly throw pages to Chrome when they required Flash.

Open Current Web Page with Chrome

While this is pretty fast, it's still — let's see ⌘␣ cwp ⇥ ow ⇥ chr ↩ — 12 keystrokes. I got tired of typing this and figured there must be a way to do a single keystroke. Of course there are triggers in Quicksilver, but I use an older version that makes all triggers system wide. It's hard to find a keystroke that isn't used anywhere ever. Then I remembered two things:

  1. In Safari's Develop menu, you can open the current page in any browser it finds on your system.
  2. You can assign a keystroke to most menu items in System Preferences.

This turns out to be all you need.

If you don't see a Develop menu in Safari, you can enable it in the Advanced section of the preferences. Once that's done, go to the Keyboard section of System Preferences. Under Keyboard Shortcuts, select "Application Shortcuts". Add a new one and choose Safari from the "Application" drop-down. The menu title is "Google Chrome". The shortcut is up to you. I used ⌥⌘G.

Chrome Keyboard Shortcut

And now, you can open the current page in Chrome with a single keystroke.

Update —

Two things.

  1. It's been pointed out that Gruber mentioned this technique (although with a lot less detail). He did, and I forgot. I wasn't bitin', but it probably looks that way. Sorry.
  2. This doesn't work most of the time. My theory is that the list of browsers on the menu doesn't exist until you try to go look at it, so there is no item named "Google Chrome" for the shortcut to point to. If you simply open the menu, it will work for a little while, but then stop.

Update —

Two more things.

  1. Safari now seems to include the full version number of the other browsers in the "Open Page With" menu, so keeping a working shortcut is more trouble than it's worth.
  2. Quicksilver's trigger scopes are working again, so I just created a trigger that's only active in Safari.
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